Hornbeam Topiary (Carpinus betulus)

Hornbeam Topiary (Carpinus betulus)

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The Hornbeam goes by many names, Common Hornbeam, European hornbeam, or its Latin name “Carpinus betulus”. The Hornbeam is a deciduous, broadleaf tree but is commonly used as a hedging plant. It also has many other uses, for example as impressive topiary balls that are the perfect way to add an interesting effect to the garden. It can be also used as a specimen tree due to its spectacular pale grey bark with vertical markings, and sometimes a short, twisted trunk, which over time develops ridges; giving it a remarkable character when used as a specimen. The hornbeam hedge will maintain its leaves all year round. The Hornbeam has oval shaped leaves with pointed tips with a finely toothed leaf margin. The growth and habitat requirements of the Hornbeam will depend on its ongoing maintenance and will be relative to each garden needs.
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Product TypePlant
Country Of OriginBritain
Weight50 - 75 kg
Latin NameCarpinus betulus
Plant Type Deciudous
ShapeTopiary Balls
Plant Height including Pot

50cm Diameter - 90cm

60cm Diameter - 105cm

70cm Diameter - 120cm

80cm Diameter - 130cm

Container SizeWired Rootball
Rootball/Container Diameter 40 - 50 cm
Growth Size & HabitatGrowth height of 1m-5m.
Growing Conditions

Full sun with a touch of dappled shade.

They prefer a south facing aspect or a west facing aspect.

Soil Requirements

Prefers a moist well drained soil; it can grow in multiple soil types (chalk, clay, loam, sand).

It is a versatile plant that is able to grow in soil that varies in pH levels (acid, alkaline, neutral).

Watering RequirementsKeep soil moist throughout warmer months, not dry or muddy.

The Hornbeam requires hedging once a year usually in mid to late summer to keep it looking tidy and true to form.

Hornbeams can be pollarded in late winter which involves a heavy reduction of the smaller branches back to a thicker main stem; allowing a flush of new growth to explode from the cut point made during the pollarding process.

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