Available to match our most popular Riven and Sawn Sandstone materials, these Edging Stones are ideal for defining paths, borders and lawns; and for terracing shallow slopes or creating viable flowerbeds where soil depth is limited. There are two edge profile options: the Riven Sandstone Edging Stones have rock-faced edges which are chiselled to give a rough-hewn finish which perfectly complements the surface of the stone, whilst the Sawn Sandstone Edging has a sleek and simple pencil round. Install alongside the matching paving, steps and coping stones for a completely unified garden design.
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Beige Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Beige Edging
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Harvest Edging
Buff Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Buff Edging
Contemporary Grey Sandstone Edging Stones
Grey Edging
Blue Grey Granite Edging Stones
Blue Granite Edging
Silver Grey Granite Edging Stones
Silver Granite Edging
Autumn Brown Sandstone Edging Stones
Autumn Brown Edging
Kandla Grey Sandstone Edging Stones
Kandla Grey Edging
Mint Sandstone Edging Stones
Mint Edging
Raj Green Sandstone Edging Stones
Raj Green Edging
Heath Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones
Heath Edging
Blue Black Slate Edging Stones
Blue Black Slate Edging
Black Granite Edging Stones
Black Granite Edging
Camel Dust Sandstone Edging Stones
Camel Dust Edging
As a decorative yet practical edging to flowerbeds, Edging Stones prevent soil spreading on to paths and patios but still allow plants to spill over in attractive contrast to the hard landscaping. Alongside our matching range of Paving, Steps and Coping Stones, these Edging Stones allow you to create a completely unified garden scheme, overcoming changes in levels and other practical requirements without compromising on the finish of your design. Choose one of our Sawn Sandstone Edging Stones to suit a contemporary garden, or one of the Riven Sandstone options to complement a more traditional or rustic design.