Garapa Hardwoood Tall Trough Planter

Garapa Hardwoood Tall Trough Planter

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A trough planter box is the perfect place to grow your own herb garden. The rustic feel of the Garapa Hardwoood Tall Trough Planter is the perfect herb garden for outside the kitchen window. Herb gardens are easy to create by following this method. Firstly, fill the planter with peat-free compost and tamp it down gently to remove air holes. Water the compost and allow to drain. Next, scatter a few seeds of the chosen herbs sparingly on the surface of the soil and then cover these with a thin layer of compost. Where possible the wooden planters should be covered with a clear plastic sheet to speed up the germination process, this should then be removed once the seeds have germinated. Finally, after the seeds have germinated, water the compost when dry. Check the moisture levels of the soil and water as required.
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Country Of OriginUK
FeetYes - Hidden 15mm feet give the impression the planter is floating just up off the floor & aids drainage.

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