Dry Treat Acidic Cleaner

Dry Treat Acidic Cleaner

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Dry Treat Acidic Cleaner is a heavy-duty cleaner for removing efflorescence, rust stains, timber tannings, grout haze and mortar stains from natural stone and porcelain. For use indoors and out, this patio cleaner has an advanced formula produces no toxic fumes and brief contact does not burn the skin. Dry Treat Acidic Cleaner should not be used on acid-sensitive stone like limestone. Before buying, we recommend that all customers read our Product Guide.
Previously Known AsHanafinn Eff-Erayza
Product TypeCleaner
Product DetailThe ultimate safer acid for removing efflorescence, rust stains, grout haze and mortar mess from non-acid sensitive materials.
Suitable forEFF-ERAYZA™ is suitable for: a wide range of non-acid sensitive stones and other hard surfaces, including granite, slate, basalt, brick, ceramic and porcelain tile, terracotta. Indoors and outdoors on floors, walls, facades, showers, masonry & brickwork.
Country Of OriginUSA
Application MethodLow pressure spray
Container TypePlastic Bottle with child proof cap
Application Surface Temperature5 - 35˚C
CoverageDepends on dilution, approx 20-30m2 per bottle
Storage & Shelf LifeKeep in original container. Dispose of contents/container to authorised chemical landfill. Protect from freezing. Store in locked area inaccessible to children. Product most effective when used within 3 months of opening.
PPE RequirementsDo not take internally. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Avoid inhaling vapours. Wear latex gloves, face mask, protective clothing and safety goggles during application.
pH Value1
Contains Acid?YES
Harmful for plants/wildlife?Yes, ensure well diluted when washing off or direct to drainage
Used Diluted?Yes with water up to 1:10
Install PreparationEnsure surface is clear of debris and clear of objects. Protect plants, textiles, metals, wood, etc. as product will damage these surfaces. Pre-wet stone before use.
Equipment RequiredWater, low pressure sprayer, stiff brush and jet wash
Application ProcessTest the product suitability first in an inconspicuous area. Apply solution generously to surface and leave for 3 minutes. Do not allow solution to dry on surface (clean large areas in sections). Gently scrub with white nylon scrub pad or stiff white Nylon brush. Neutralize the acid by dissolving 1 cup of Oxy-Klenza™ (or other pH base/alkaline cleaner) into a bucket of fresh water and pour it over the surface. Let it sit for approximately 3 minutes. Rinse surface thoroughly with clean water. Repeat application if required. See product guide for detail.
Product PreparationDilute as required


For many natural stones, particularly sawn stone it is recommended that a protective treatment which prevents the penetration of water, oil and dirt. This can make maintenance easier overall. See our range of sealants for further detail.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

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