Millboard Enhanced Grain composite decking is a truly authentic recreation of natural wood. Available in six shades, from the distressed look of Smoked Oak to the rich red tones of Jarrah, it offers plenty of scope for modern and traditional spaces, where its hand-finished attention to detail brings out the beautiful grain to be found in the best timber. Millboard Enhanced Grain offers a realistic alternative to planed wood with fade-resistant colour that retains its good looks for years to come, while its Lastane® finish ensures a very high slip-resistance that allows you to enjoy your space without work or worry.
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Millboard Brushed Basalt Composite Decking
Brushed Basalt
Millboard Coppered Oak Composite Decking
Coppered Oak
Millboard Golden Oak Composite Decking
Golden Oak
Millboard Jarrah Composite Decking
Millboard Limed Oak Composite Decking
Limed Oak
Millboard Smoked Oak Composite Decking
Smoked Oak
Millboard Enhanced Grain composite decking can be matched with fascia boards, to create a stylish design solution for a multi-level space, and combined with a choice of Square or Bullnose Edging for a smart finishing touch that protects corners against wear and tear. Millboard's Enhanced Grain decking is moulded from a variety of original boards to ensure a natural look across your entire design. All six colours are on view at our showrooms around the M25, where you will be inspired by the potential of this low-maintenance, high-quality alternative to wood.