When building any kind of decking area there will usually be an exposed edge of some kind. Its these small details where the eye is often drawn too and that's why there are a range of edging solutions to match and complement the decking choice. Bullnose and square edging is available to provide a classy and smooth edge. The edging strips are available in seven of the most popular Millboard decking colours and provide a great finishing touch to steps and exposed edges
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Millboard Square Edging
Square Edging
Millboard Bullnose Edging Flexible
Bullnose Flexible
Millboard Bullnose Edging Standard
Bullnose Standard
A bullnose edge looks great when used to edge a step or to border the edge of a decking area. Bullnose edges also serve a very important practical function too. Steps and edges are exposed which makes them susceptible to damage, the rounded bullnose edge plays a part in reducing the possibility of the exposed edge getting chipped or damaged. Bullnose edge are also much safer reducing the possibility of a slip or trip