Green Core Edge Steel Edging

Green Core Edge Steel Edging

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Maintaining neat edges for lawns, drives, paths, driveways and flower or vegetable beds is simple with our Green Core Edge Steel Edging. The innovative design of this metal lawn edging makes it the ideal convenient solution for creating defined areas. Our Green Steel Edging can be used to add an interesting finishing touch to any space. Quick to install for an instant transformation, simple push the edging into the ground. These protective borders are ideal for keeping flowers of vegetables safe from pests or even from pets that enjoy digging where they should not. Once installed the edging is tough, weather resistant and maintenance free making it the perfect choice in any garden.
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Connected Length

2275mm edging - 2200mm

1075mm edging - 1000mm

Product TypeGarden Edging
Product Detail

2275mm - Face Height - 100mm | Spike Length - 95mm

2275mm - Face Height - 65mm | Spike Length - 85mm

1075mm - Face Height - 100mm | Spike Length - 95mm

1075mm - Face Height - 65mm | Spike Length - 85mm

Suitable for

Border & Lawn edging

Driveway edging

Flower & Vegetable Bed edging


20-micron galvanised zinc coating

110-micron, UV-resistant polyester powder coating which prevents colour fade

Scratch resistant


2275x100x2.5mm - 5kg Ea

2275x65x2.5mm - 3.5kg Ea

1075x100x1.6mm - 1.6kg Ea

1075x65x1.6mm - 1kg Ea

Guarantee20 years
Construction MaterialFlexible Mild Steel
Equipment Required

Hosepipe or rope

Flat spade or pickaxe (if required)

Wooden block & mallet

Thin-nosed pliers

Hacksaw & Metal file (if required)

Installation process

Using a hosepipe or rope make a guide for your edging to follow. Loosen hard ground if required.

Start at one end, tap the edging down using a mallet and wooden block. Ensure edging is vertical and doesn't bend.

Connect next edging piece before driving edging into the ground. Ensure connections do not come apart when installing.

Connect edgings by sliding large tab through the slit in adjacent edging. Use pliers to pull both thin tabs through the slit back on themselves.

If installing on a lawn edge, top of edging should be flush with lawn to ensure that the lawnmower does not hit the edging and cause damage.

If edging is too long either overlap last joint or cut edging using a hacksaw - file using a metal file. TIP - if exposing edge by cutting, use a metal primer on exposed edge to prevent rust.

Refer to the product guide for further information.

Please see our FAQs for more information.

Delivery Cost

1000mm edging up to 25kg £10 standard courier charge

1000mm edging up to 50kg £20 standard courier charge

2000mm edging or if order is over 50kg, £45 per micro pallet charge, up to 250kg per pallet

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