Yorkstone Paving Coping stones & Bull Nose Step Treads

London Stone established our stone masonry department at the start of 2010.  Since then we have invested in state of the art machinery to supply bespoke natural stone orders as quickly as possible.  Sawn Yorkstone Paving is the most popular product in our bespoke range and in addition to the paving we are also supplying Bullnose Sawn Stone Step Treads, coping stones and Sawn Yorkstone setts.  The only downside to the bespoke operation is the amount of waste natural stone that the department creates.  This waste comes in the form of off cuts and broken slabs.  We are looking at ways to try and reduce the waste quantity of Yorkstone and have come up with a small range of natural stone products which can be produced from waste.  We will supplying these products at  a reduced rate.  The products will be 600x300 Yorkstone paving slabs, 600x150 Yorkstone coping stones, 600x100 edges and 300x150  tumbled sets

By London Stone Blog | Published 13th May 2011
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