London Stone improves efficiency

Here at London Stone we are proud of our continuing 464efficiency improvements in all areas of the business. In order to offer our clients individually cut stone paving, we have recently installed a Computerised Numerical Control (CNC) machine at our Bespoke Stone Centre. This cuts one single piece of stone into shapes specified by our clients. Curved stone steps are an example, where each step tread needs to be cut individually. The CNC machine maximises the usable area of the stone slab by calculating the optimum layout, therefore minimising waste.




To improve the situation we have retrofitted a conveyor belt system which means that while the CNC machine is cutting one job, we can load up the conveyor with the next one. Once the job on the table is finished, we simply press a button and the conveyor belt moves the next job onto the cutting table and immediately starts cutting, saving significant downtime.

cmcIn one end......

conveyor4......and out the other.


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By London Stone Blog | Published 21st April 2014
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