Why Choose Ethically Sourced Sandstone Paving?

London Stone have been corporate members of the ETI for nearly 18 months.  Since we joined back in September 2009 the learning curve has been long, steep and winding.  I remember the first time I heard about ethically sourced sandstone paving back in 2006.  We had just started out  in the natural stone business and were more focused on surviving our first year in business than what was happening in our  foreign supply chains.  As the business stabilised and after hearing stories of poor working conditions in India we resolved, as a business that we would make it our business to understand what was happening in our supply chains and to try and work with our suppliers to improve conditions for the people that were part of our success.  Nothing happens quickly when working with overseas suppliers to try and implement positive changes.  Now after 18 months ethical trading has begun to have a real impact on the way we run our business, particularly in the way that we procure our sandstone & limestone paving from India.  We are in the process of writing our first ETI report and this report will form the blue print of our ethical trading policy for many years to come.  If anybody is interested in hearing more about London Stones ethical trading policy we would be delighted to hear from you.

By London Stone Blog | Published 6th January 2011
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