Recycling Natural Stone Paving

Since London Stone started our bespoke stone cutting operation we have started to create more and more waste stone.  Any stone company will produce waste.  It will usually come in the form of broken slabs, or rejects and seconds.  London Stone are now cutting and processing stone on a daily basis and this is creating in the region of 5 tons of stone waste every day.  The majority of this waste comes in the form of Yorkstone and Portland stone but we are also producing Indian sandstone waste as well as granite, slate and limestone.  Previously we had been getting rid of the waste by skip.  This was an expensive way to get rid of it and was also very unfriendly to the environment.  We invested in a concrete crusher which now crushes all of our stone waste.  We now sell this onto our clients at a reduced rate and they use it for patio sub bases.  Its only a small step but it is good to see material being recycled for a change.  The next focus is for us to reduce the amount of paper waste that we produce.

By London Stone Blog | Published 24th August 2012
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