Sawn Paving Off-The-Shelf Coping Stones & Steps

A Budget for savers – that's what they said when the Chancellor made his announcements last week.  We think he stole our idea because, after our announcement of the additions of steps and coping to our riven paving range, you didn't think we'd forget about our sawn paving, did you?

So, offering you a chance to budget time and money more effectively, we've extended our off-the-shelf coping stone range. If you've got a favourite paving, there's an excellent chance that we now have copings (straight, end and corner shapes) to match, neatly finished with a pencil-round profile.

Copings are sometimes regarded as just an additional detail – a touch of icing on the cake – but the more you look at designs that use them, the more you can see how they unite a space overall, can lead the eye and give a proper finish to something that is a necessary part of the layout, like a retaining wall. So, we're hoping that being able to order them off-the-shelf will make it easier for you to incorporate them into your landscaping.  We particularly liked the following picture from Barry Holdsworth Garden Design and Consultancy—as you can see, the Basalt coping ties in the edge of the raised bed with the overall design of the house.

Barry Holdsworth Basalt Coping

We haven't just brought in more coping stones, though. We've also significantly extended our range of off-the-shelf sawn steps. Again, this should help with budgeting for both time and money. You'll now find sawn step treads to match a good number of our popular paving slabs,  such as Moleanos Limestone, Granite, Basalt, Travertine and Blue-Black Slate.

This should make a complete garden design much simpler to put together and easier to present to clients.  We know you'll find more to do with copings and step treads than their name implies, though. Why not send in some photos of a job you're particularly proud of? We would love to see them and share them with our followers on social media.

Published 23rd March 2015
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