Living Wall Systems For Your Garden

Incorporate a living wall system into your garden for that extra wow factor

When designing the layout of your outdoor living space it can be easy to forget about making the most of your vertical spaces. An outdoor plant wall can make a real statement across a large vertical surface area in the garden and other outdoor spaces. Learn more about this versatile garden accessory.

Living walls systems are the perfect way to liven up walls with vibrant planting.
Living walls can transform a space, bringing interest and life.

What are they

These innovative living wall systems were shortlisted for the RHS Chelsea Sustainable Garden Product of the Year 2021. The plant boxes are made from 100% recycled materials and provide an affordable and easy-to-use planting wall.

Troughs can be stacked in any configuration, up to 8m high, either free-standing or wall-mounted. Every third trough should be attached to a fixed upright surface such as a wall, fence or railing. There are 8 troughs per square metre, giving space for three to six plants per trough. Available in packs of either three, five, or ten troughs, the plant boxes can be used either indoors or outdoors.

When it comes to watering the plants, this is made easy for you. Each of the troughs has a reservoir capacity of 1.8 litres, with an easy-to-read indicator that shows water levels. Felt strips allow the plants to draw as much water as they require to sustain growth. You can even add slow-release fertiliser into the soil or feed to the water for improved growth.

Use an outdoor plant wall where space is tight.
Ideal where space is more restricted.

Where to use them

These planters are ideal for areas where space is limited. For example, in small, urban gardens or balconies, where space saving is essential. Vertical gardening is also the perfect way to add a decorative feature that can frame an area and bring an interesting effect to a space. All walls are a potential blank canvas and these wall planters can add an attractive space-saving, alternative outdoor feature.

Use an outdoor planter around the garden, patio, or balcony to liven up an otherwise dull area with a versatile selection of plants. These planting walls are the perfect solution where hard landscaping may prevent planting into the ground or where plant pots may not be suitable.

Plants also provide good insulation, and shielding the walls of your house with lush green leaves can help to keep the temperature indoors down in summer.

Living walls can be used inside and outside to brighten spaces.
Use inside or out to liven otherwise dull walls.

What to plant

In these planters you should be able to fit around 33 plants per m2, depending on the size of the plants, of course. The walls of your home have the potential to retain heat well. This provides you with plenty of plant options that will relish surrounding warmth. However, not every plant can grow in any kind of situation, so choosing the appropriate plants is essential. Plants next to walls may potentially be in a rain shadow; this is what makes this self-watering system the optimal choice of green wall system.

A great plant choice to start with is climbing plants or trailing plants. Other great choices include ferns and heucheras, or lavenders and bergenias. Consider which direction your walls are facing and how much sun will be cast on the plant boxes and choose appropriate plants for a successful green wall.

Living wall systems are not just for those that are limited on space. They can also be a great way to extend your vegetable garden. Herbs, vegetables, and fan-trained fruit are not just limited to an allotment. Growing your own produce in these towers is a great way to discourage those pesky slugs and snails for a better crop.

Transform your dull walls today with these impressive living wall systems.

Published 2nd July 2021
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