Helping landscapers and garden designers meet the client’s brief

When it comes to a new project, landscapers and garden designers have that unique ability to imagine exactly how their plans will translate into the final result. They are able to hold a picture of the new, completed garden in their heads, whilst developing the plans. This planning phase is not just about fitting in a long list of requirements but also how to deal with the particular idiosyncrasies of a site, such as slopes, access, drainage, shade – to name a few - and not to mention keeping to the budget. The site survey requires great attention to detail ensuring not only that the design works on paper but also provides sufficient information for ordering paving, coping stones, steps, plants, fencing, turf, and all the associated building materials.

For clients who find reading plans tricky, the landscaper or designer has the difficult task of bringing them to life. Communicating the vision to the homeowner early in the project helps to avoid problems later on, particularly when there may not be the time or budget for 3D rendering. Many homeowners will be undertaking a landscaping project for the first time and therefore, easy to understand explanations of how the work will carried out are much appreciated.

Here at London Stone, we are on hand to help in any way we can when it comes to the selection of the right paving slabs and the best laying pattern whether the stone is from our popular Indian sandstone paving range, travertine, limestone or one of the British stones we supply. Our existing landscaping and design customers will already have printed copies of our brochure and can direct their clients to the online version. Our sample boxes help the homeowner choose the right stone and colour. After all, in many instances the cost of the patio slabs is likely to make up one of the largest items in the budget. Our Indian sandstone paving covers such a wide range of colours that it is important to provide larger samples of full size paving slabs.

raj green   buff-sawn-sandstone

Our team is experienced in helping landscapers adapt their paving choices to meet the project’s budget and to advise designers on which stone is most suitable for a particular site. It’s all in a day’s work and central to the service we provide at London Stone.

By London Stone Blog | Published 15th October 2014
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