Coping Stones for the Perfect Finish

There is no doubt that it is the finishing touchesPier cap in buff sandstone which will turn a good project into a great one. Offering your clients the option to have a unique look to the top of a brick pier or wall, should be all part of the service and our range of coping stones and piers caps provides a wide choice of stone, profiles and surface finishes which they may not have previously considered. Rather than merely using sawn or honed paving slabs to top a wall, surround a pool or complete a brick pier, why not select one of London Stone’s bespoke stone copings? There is much more to them than meets the eye - view our range here.

Coping stones for a front garden project

Designing a front garden is all about creating a stunning first impression. In an urban setting front gardens are often shallow and walls frequently form the boundary between the pavement and the property with a gate hung from piers to complete the entrance. Selecting pier caps and stone copings to complement the paving used in the design gives a unified appearance.

A vast selection of profiles

The edging of coping stones and piers can be profiled to suit your requirements. The purpose of profiling coping stones is to not only create a visually appealing finish but also to minimise the risk of damage to the edges. Examples of profiles include:

  • Bullnose – a curved profile on one edge
  • Bullnose radius – a curved profile on both edges to create a curve
  • Pencil round – small quarter circle radius applied to both edges providing a simple understated finish
  • Half bullnose – small quarter circle radius to create a circular edge
  • Chamfer profile – 45 degree angle is applied to top edge.

But the choice does not stop there. Our sophisticated, state of the art cutting equipment means you can select almost any profile you like. The picture below shows the edge profiling machine in operation, where the profile is slowly cut along the stone’s edges cooled by a constant flow of water.


Coping stones and brick piers caps can be fashioned from sawn or riven sandstone and limestone, Yorkstone, Portland, granite, travertine, or slate.  Our range of surface finishes are sawn, honed, flamed, sandblasted, brushed and riven.

So the next time you are building a wall or pier, consider the perfect finish and call us for advice on the perfect coping or pier cap.

By London Stone Blog | Published 6th April 2014
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