Working with garden designers is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a natural stone supplier and as a supplier it’s a real privilege to see our natural stone products used in high quality garden design. Working with a designer from initial concept through to the completion of a build throws up lots of different challenges but when the dust finally settles we get the pleasure of being able to stand back and admire what we have helped to create.

Andrew Fisher Tomlin, one of the UK’s most well known and respected garden designers, gives his take on the importance of the designer/supplier relationship.

The range of stone available and the way that stone is sourced and supplied has changed greatly over the past 10 years. As designers we are focused not just on aesthetics and practicality but also on how and where stone is sourced so that it is done sustainably and with due regard to human welfare. There is a bewildering array of stone products out there but to use them they have to be appropriate to the project and readily available to our landscapers.

London Stone have been providing Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer with expert stone sourcing solutions for a number of years. Not only do London Stone supply a comprehensive range of natural stone paving products but they crucially offer an in house bespoke stone fabricating service. As designers this allows us to be even more creative with the stone solutions that can be incorporated into our designs and we can do this, safe in the knowledge that London Stone have the expertise and machinery to produce virtually any type of stone imaginable.

This product expertise and focus on service have made London Stone an integral partner in providing Fisher Tomlin with natural stone solutions for many of our UK design projects and we look forward to continuing to work together in the future.
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