We stand with Ukraine in their fight for peace.
Please help us to support Ukrainian citizens in their time of desperate need.

What can I do to help?

Donate Money

We have made a donation of £5,000 to each of the below charities.
We encourage you to give what you can to either of the below charities, no matter the amount.

Help Ukraine
Emergency Appeal

The Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal work with registered Ukrainian charities to provide medicines, food and critical services to support the most vulnerable to overcome the consequences and trauma of war.

Your donation will be used to fund immediate emergency and ongoing needs.

of Peace

Sunflower Of Peace donate first aid and medical tactical backpacks to paramedics and doctors on the frontline of this conflict.

Each backpack is designed for groups of 5 to 10 people and includes a variety of first aid supplies: bandages, anti-haemorrhagic medicine, medical instruments, and a means for survival in extreme conditions.

Donate Items

We are asking for items to be dropped-off at any London Stone Showroom or premises.

We will then transport those items to UK-based charities who will distribute them to the
Ukrainian frontline soldiers, doctors and medics, and citizens, that need them most urgently.

Medical Articles

Medical Articles

  • Antibacterial wipes or spirit
  • All types of dressings!
  • Individual "tactical" first aid kits - may be easy to buy separately elements than the set
  • Plasters for burns and wound healing plasters
  • Tactical (rotating) bandage
  • Haemostatic bandages - Celox Gauze is more effective and simpler than the powder one
    (please do not buy bandages/dressings with the annotation "training" in the title)
  • Stretcher
  • Soft stretcher
  • Medical backpacks
  • "Israeli" size 6 and size 4 individual dressing


  • Used smartphones (with internet access)
  • Headlamps
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tactical camouflage outfits (various sizes)
  • Solar power banks


  • Socks (large quantities, large sizes)
  • Raincoats
  • Thermal underwear
Other Materials Needed

Other Materials Needed

  • Garbage bags of various sizes
  • Drinking water tanks
  • Black foil in rolls (for clogging/sealing windows)
  • Vapor barrier foil (insulation)
  • Tarpaulin(s)
  • 25m and 50m power extension lead
  • 3.5mm Jute rope
  • Energy-saving bulbs (E27)
  • Room extension cord
  • Filters for (drinking) water
  • US-Euro adapter
  • UK-Euro adapter
  • Diesel power generator
  • Convector heaters