Riven Steps, in Raj Green, Kandla Grey, Mint, Autumn Brown Indian Sandstone & Blue Black Slate, extend the off- the-shelf options in our most popular natural paving. Sandstone Steps are finished with a rock-faced edge to blend with the natural hand-cut edge of the matching paving slabs, while Blue Black Slate steps are finished with a sleek bullnose to complement the sawn edges of the Blue Black Slate paving slabs. Used in combination, not only with matching Paving, Coping and Edging Stones, but the Setts and Stone Circles also available in this range, Riven Steps offer a complete design solution.
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Autumn Brown Sandstone Steps
Autumn Brown Steps
Kandla Grey Sandstone Stone Steps
Kandla Grey Steps
Mint Sandstone Stone Steps
Mint Steps
Raj Green Sandstone Stone Steps
Raj Green Steps
Camel Dust Sandstone Step
Camel Dust Step
The rock-faced leading edge of our Riven Steps matches the finish on our Indian Sandstone coping stones and complements the hand-cut edge profiles of the paving. In warmer colours, the steps look particularly at home in rustic and traditional settings, while Kandla Grey offers a consistent colouring popular in contemporary designs. Calibrated to 40mm depth, with a comfortable 500mm tread, Riven Steps give a sense of spaciousness and a relaxed feel to designs on more than one level. For complicated layouts, combine them with bespoke elements, created by our experienced in-house stonemasons.