London Stone's wide range of Sawn Steps extends your choice of off-the-shelf paving options. Available in a variety of natural stone, including Sandstone, Granite, Limestone, Yorkstone, Slate and Basalt, step treads have a stylish bullnosed long edge, adding a timeless element that suits both contemporary and traditional designs. Sawn Steps offer a cost-effective solution to uniting more than one level. Combine them with coping and edging stones and, in difficult layouts, with bespoke elements provided by our experienced in-house masons to complete your natural paving design.
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Beige Bullnose Steps
Beige Bullnose Steps
Harvest Bullnose Steps
Harvest Bullnose Steps
Buff Bullnose Steps
Buff Bullnose Steps
Contemporary Grey Bullnose Steps
Grey Bullnose Steps
Silver Grey Granite Bullnose Steps
Silver Granite Steps
Heath Bullnose Steps
Heath Bullnose Steps
Britannia Buff York Steps
Buff York Steps
Grey Yorkstone Sawn Bullnose Steps
Grey York Sawn Steps
Blue Grey Granite Bullnose Steps
Blue Granite Steps
Black Granite Bullnose Steps
Black Granite Steps
Desert Sawn Sandstone Bullnose Steps
Desert Bullnose Steps
Golden Sawn Sandstone Bullnose Steps
Golden Bullnose Steps
Flamed Grey Sandstone Bullnose Steps
Flamed Grey Steps
Buff York Step Treads
Buff York Step
Dune Sawn Sandstone Step Treads
Dune Steps
Jura Beige Limestone Step Tread
Jura Beige Step
Jura Grey Limestone Step Treads
Jura Grey Steps
Light Grey Sandstone Step Treads
Light Grey Steps
Mirage Sandstone Step Treads
Mirage Steps
The bullnosed long edge of our steps creates contrast by casting a shadow on the riser beneath. The alternating dark and light tones, a classic detail in step design, not only give your Sawn Steps definition, but increase safety by throwing treads into relief. It also injects a sculptural element that brings out the beauty in your natural paving. All our Sawn Steps are accurately cut on six sides to a robust 40mm thickness, then bullnosed on the long edge, and have a comfortable 500mm tread. These design-friendly dimensions give a reassuring air of substance to entrances, pool surrounds and wall copings.