Stone Steps aren't just a practical solution to a multi-level site; they provide the opportunity to inject elegance, distinction and bespoke detail into any design, contemporary or traditional. In our off-the-shelf range, London Stone provides step treads in a wide choice of our most popular natural stone paving. Bespoke Stone Steps, created in-house by our skilled stone masons, allow you to extend the options for your project with curved or wrap-around flights, and our knowledgeable staff are on hand to consult with you on how to use bespoke detail to add finishing touch to an elegant multi-level design or entrance.
Beige Bullnose Steps
Beige Bullnose Steps
Harvest Bullnose Steps
Harvest Bullnose Steps
Autumn Brown Sandstone Steps
Autumn Brown Steps
Buff Bullnose Steps
Buff Bullnose Steps
Kandla Grey Sandstone Stone Steps
Kandla Grey Steps
Mint Sandstone Stone Steps
Mint Steps
Contemporary Grey Bullnose Steps
Grey Bullnose Steps
Silver Grey Granite Bullnose Steps
Silver Granite Steps
Raj Green Sandstone Stone Steps
Raj Green Steps
Camel Dust Sandstone Step
Camel Dust Step
Heath Bullnose Steps
Heath Bullnose Steps
Antique Yellow Limestone Step Treads
Antique Yellow Steps
Blue Black Slate Step Treads
Black Slate Steps
Graphite Grey Limestone Step Treads
Graphite Grey Steps
Kota Blue Limestone Step Treads
Kota Blue Steps
Kota Brown Limestone Step Treads
Kota Brown Steps
Midnight Black Limestone Step Treads
Midnight Black Steps
Britannia Buff York Steps
Buff York Steps
Rustic Slate Step Treads
Rustic Slate Steps
Grey Yorkstone Sawn Bullnose Steps
Grey York Sawn Steps
Blue Grey Granite Bullnose Steps
Blue Granite Steps
Black Granite Bullnose Steps
Black Granite Steps
Desert Sawn Sandstone Bullnose Steps
Desert Bullnose Steps
Golden Sawn Sandstone Bullnose Steps
Golden Bullnose Steps
Flamed Grey Sandstone Bullnose Steps
Flamed Grey Steps
Buff York Step Treads
Buff York Step
Dune Sawn Sandstone Step Treads
Dune Steps
Jura Beige Limestone Step Tread
Jura Beige Step
Jura Grey Limestone Step Treads
Jura Grey Steps
Light Grey Sandstone Step Treads
Light Grey Steps
Mirage Sandstone Step Treads
Mirage Steps
Beola Bianca Porcelain Steps
Beola Bianca Steps
Cave Porcelain Steps
Cave Steps
Cement Porcelain Steps
Cement Steps
Cinder Porcelain Steps
Cinder Steps
Faro Porcelain Steps
Faro Steps
Gea Porcelain Steps
Gea Steps
Golden Stone Porcelain Steps
Golden Stone Steps
Kirkby Porcelain Steps
Kirkby Steps
Pierre Blue Porcelain Steps
Pierre Blue Steps
Rovere Porcelain Steps
Rovere Steps
Sandy White Porcelain Steps
Sandy White Steps
Silver Contro Porcelain Steps
Silver Contro Steps
Silver Grey Porcelain Steps
Silver Grey Steps
Slab Coke Porcelain Steps
Slab Coke Steps
Slab Khaki Porcelain Steps
Slab Khaki Steps
Trendy Black Porcelain Steps
Trendy Black Steps
Urban Grey Porcelain Steps
Urban Grey Steps
Warm Beige Porcelain Steps
Warm Beige Steps
White Quartz Porcelain Steps
White Quartz Steps
Tumbled Black Sandstone Step Treads
Tumbled Black Steps
Tumbled Kandla Grey Sandstone Step Tread
Tumbled Grey Steps
Tumbled Mint Sandstone Step Treads
Tumbled Mint Steps
Tumbled Raj Green Sandstone Step Treads
Tumbled Raj Steps
Bespoke Sawn Yorkstone Steps
Sawn Yorkstone Steps
Bespoke Sawn Limestone Steps
Sawn Limestone Steps
Bespoke Sawn Sandstone Steps
Sawn Sandstone Steps
Bespoke Portland Stone Steps
Sawn Portland Steps
Bespoke Riven Natural Stone Steps
Natural Stone Steps
Curved Stone Steps
Curved Stone Steps
Granite Stone Steps
Granite Stone Steps
Slate Stone Steps
Slate Stone Steps
Our off-the-shelf Stone Step Treads, in both riven and sawn paving, with either rock-face or bullnose leading edges, offer an economical solution to accommodating level changes. They combine with matching off-the-shelf coping and edging stones to give you a full range of design options for modern, rustic or traditional settings and, with a comfortable 500mm depth and chunky 40mm profile, add a spacious feel to your design. For more complicated sites, combine off-the-shelf treads with bespoke Stone Steps, created on state-of-the-art equipment by our experienced stone masons, to provide a multi-level solution that adds distinction and value to your property.