Kayleigh-May is our right hand in the Marketing Department. She is a true singer and loves to delight her colleagues every day.
Kayleigh May Wicks
I joined London Stone in 2011 as a Sales Advisor. I worked this role for over a year until we sourced our second office in Langley. I then moved over there to head up the Trade Counter in another Sales role. 6 months into this role, it was decided that someone needed to take charge of the office – I then became the Office Manager. I carried this title for about 2 years until it was decided that we would start auditing and I became Audit Manager. It was Spring 2015 when I fell pregnant with my daughter and I then took maternity leave, starting 1st February 2016 – she was born on the 15th! After what felt like a lifetime, I returned to work to help out my colleagues in Marketing in an admin role on a part time basis. I then helped the Sales team again and returned to my first ever job role. I have now returned to the Marketing department in an Admin role where I provide support to my colleagues.