Gavin is our Production Manager. He manages overall productivity of bespoke orders to ensure exceptional customer satisfaction. Gavin loves rollercoasters, once riding the 'Tower of Terror' in Australia 8 times in one day!
Gavin Gracias
I am the Production Manager and I work at our Bespoke Stone Centre, where all the stone masterpieces designed exactly to our customers’ specifications are made. I work closely with one of the Founding Directors in ensuring our production, masonry and SPQ teams in order to ensure better lead times for our customers and the maximum quality. I am responsible for overseeing the entire operation in our Bespoke Stone centre and checking that our production output complies with the specifications. As Natural Stone can be crafted in almost anything, we have a large range of equipment and highly skilled people, and my role involves coordinating all these parts to work well together. I love amusement parks, where I especially love riding Rollercoasters.