Fugabella Outdoor Grout

Fugabella Outdoor Grout Information

A resin-cement outdoor grout that is suitable for use with porcelain and ceramic tiles, low-thickness slabs and natural stone, Fugabella Color is available in a wide range of rich colours. It has a fine grain and uniform colouring that work particularly well with porcelain paving. It is also suitable for wall tiles and is a good choice with our DesignClad. Its flexibility allows for joints measuring from 2mm to 20mm, meaning that you can achieve a contemporary finish with the fine lines that really suit rectified paving. Water-resistant and naturally anti-bacterial, it is also resistant to the most common acidic substances. Fugabella Color patio grout mix has a high surface hardness, low porosity and is stain-resistant and easy to clean and maintain. It’s a tile grout that is manufactured to have a low environmental impact and to be biofriendly.

What is Fugabella Grout’s drying time?

Fugabella outdoor grout should be fully cured in 24 hours at 20°C. Times vary according to ambient temperature. Please check out the ‘Specifications & Dimensions’ tab on each product page for specific details.

What is the pot life of Fugabella outdoor grout?

Usable at a range of temperatures from 5 to 30°C, Fugabella tile grout has a pot life of up to an hour, depending on the temperature. So you should progress in stages, only mixing an amount of outdoor grout that you can use within the time recommendation. Its superior workability and accelerated setting time, compared with cement-based grout, gives solid joints with an even finish.

Is Fugabella Outdoor Grout an epoxy grout?

Fugabella Color isn’t an epoxy grout or a cement-based grout. It’s a modern hybrid resin-cement grout formulation. It has a dense microstructure which gives it great workability and ease of application. This patio grout mix can also be modelled within the joint without causing any emptying. This heightens its aesthetic finish. As it contains no Portlandite (Portland cement), it eliminates the risk of salt and lime efflorescence and there will be no whitening of the joints as the joints dry. This ensures the colours remain true, with deep, even tones.

Fine-grained, cement-based pointing in rich colours for porcelain paving

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