Fuga Pave Outdoor Grout

Grouting outdoor tiles is very similar to internal grouting, just with a few differences. Follow our easy step by step guide for tips of how to use Fuga Pave Grout. Firstly, clean the tiles with a utility knife by carefully scraping out any mortar that may have squeezed out between the tiles during installation. Next, caulk the expansion joints with a commercial silicone caulk or other flexible outdoor sealant. Then, fill the grout joints in small areas, scooping up some grout with a grout float and drop it onto the tile surface. Spread the grout over the tile faces and grout joints, holding the float at a 45-degree angle. Remove any excess grout by using the float to scrape it off. After that, sponge the tile with clean water. Make sure the sponge is just moist, not wet and that you have allowed the recommended amount of time before cleaning. Gently wipe the tiles clean while being careful not to remove grout from the joints. Allow the grout to set as recommended and then buff the tiles with a microfiber cloth to remove the grout haze from the tile faces. Finally, if required or requested, seal the grout.

Extending your choice of grouting colours for porcelain paving

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