GftK vdw 850 Stone Grey

GftK vdw 850 Stone Grey

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The varying tones of grey in Stone Grey GftK vdw 850 Mortar perfectly complement grey natural stone paving slabs. This mortar is ideal for pointing paving and driveways with light to medium traffic loads. Once installed the grout is water impermeable for a hard-wearing and durable result. GftK vdw 850 Basalt patio jointing compound is resistant to frost and abrasions for a high-quality finish. Before buying, we recommend that all customers read our Product Guide.
Product TypePointing
PackagingPlastic outer tub with hardener in separate plastic bottle
Material Type2 part - Sand grains coated in resin with separate hardener
Country Of OriginGermany
Application MethodSqueegee
Application Surface Temperature5 - 25˚C
CoverageRefer to product calculator
Curing Time24 hours @ 20˚C
Storage & Shelf Life1 year in original, unopened, sealed and undamaged packaging, kept dry and frost-free. Do not store over 20 °C.
PPE RequirementsAvoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.
Recommended ForRiven Natural Stone, Natural Stone Setts
Working Time20 Minutes @ 20˚C
Equipment RequiredBuckets, paddle mixer, water, rubber squeegee, coconut broom, trowel, pointing tool, adjustable hose attachment
Joint WidthMinimum 5mm
Pointing PreparationPrior to grouting the installation should be dry and the open grout joints clean, dry and free of residues. Porous or textured tiles/slabs may require sealing before grouting with a suitable impregnating sealer. If in doubt trial an inconspicuous area to check for staining and correct colour before commencing. Wet the Paving. Absolutely soak the area to be jointed with water using a hose. The paving must be saturated before starting and remain soaked throughout the application process - in fact, the wetter the better. Do not shortcut this process, particularly if working with absorbent or sensitive materials such as Sawn Sandstone, Granite and many Limestone types. Particularly sensitive stone will need sealing, preferably before laying.
MixingMixing the joint mortar: Pre-mix the aggregate, then add the binder and mix with the drill and spherical paddle mixers for approx. 3 minutes until smooth and homogeneous. Do not mix partial quantities of the product. No water should be added to the mix.
Application ProcessFilling the joints: Apply immediately after mixing by pouring directly onto the pre-wetted surface. Work the mortar thoroughly into the joints using a hard rubber squeegee, whilst spraying lightly with water from a hose. The surface should be kept constantly wet during application. We recommend working from the highest to the lowest points. Brushing off and cleaning: Remove any excess mortar residue immediately from the area by spraying lightly with water from a hose. Be careful to clean the paved surface towards areas not yet jointed. Remove any final residual mortar with a damp coconut fibre brush. Do not brush this residual mortar into any unfilled joints. It is important to make sure that no water or residual mortar remains on the surface. Refer to the product guide for further information.
Cleaning ToolsWash all tools frequently to avoid material bonding to them
Cleaning During ApplicationAlways fully wash off the oil residue until you can no longer see a film on the water, ensure any material is swept of and no left to set on the paving.


Can withstand a jet wash, be careful not to get too close which could damaged the joint

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