Dry Treat Stain Proof penetrates deeper than other sealants, forming a permanent chemical bond with the particles of the stone, helping to protect your paving against oil and water-based stains and making cleaning easier. Also effective against efflorescence, it carries a 15-year guarantee when applied by an accredited technician.

From  £51.50 + VAT ea

Dry Treat Stain Proof
Options AvailablePricePieces/lin. mPieces/Packkg/Piecekg/PackOrigin
Drytreat Stain Proof 946ml £51.50 + VAT ea0.90Australia
Drytreat Stain Proof 3.79L £195.00 + VAT ea3.30
Drytreat Stain Proof 18.9L £850.00 + VAT ea17.20
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Suitable for:All Natural Stone Types
Dry Treat Stain Proof
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