Good drainage is vital to the health and continuing good looks of your natural stone paving. Sitting water can undermine slabs, creating long-term stability problems. It can also damage the stone’s surface and cause algal growth, which is difficult to remove and results in staining. London Stone provide drainage solutions to suit all paving styles, and are happy to advise on the right system for you, ensuring that water is removed safely and quickly and that your paving retains its good looks throughout its lifetime.
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LS Stainless Steel Slot Drain
LS Stainless Slot Drain
LS Stainless Steel Inspection Unit
LS Stainless Inspection
LS Stainless Steel Slot Drain Cleaner
LS Slot Drain Cleaner
ACO HexDrain Brick Slot
ACO HexDrain Slot
ACO Inspection Unit
ACO Inspection Unit
ACO Sump Unit
ACO Sump Unit
Channel Drain
Channel Drain
Recessed Manhole Cover
Recessed Manhole
Square To Round Recessed Manhole Cover
Square To Round
Drainage solutions can be surprisingly attractive. Slot drains show only as a discreet double line of stainless steel, are easy to clean, and ideal in areas where other drainage solutions would spoil the design. They actually enhance modern paving and look sublime against bi-folding patio doors. We also supply recessed manhole covers to cover unsightly ironwork. In more hidden areas, cost-effective channel drains are a sound choice, especially when you need to stop water entering garages and low-lying areas. Combining these drainage solutions with our discreet inspection covers and sump units ensures you receive an efficient system while showing off your paving to its best advantage.