Larsen Streetscape PS Primer

Larsen Streetscape PS Primer

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Larsen Streetscape PS Primer is a cement-based slurry, ideal for priming the back of pavers, steps, coping and setts. SBR Primer is supplied in 25kg bags, enough to cover approximately 19m2, it should particularly be used with stone that is non-porous, such as porcelain, granite and slate, to aid adhesion to the bedding layer. Before buying, we recommend that all customers read our Product Guide.
Product Type Primer
Product Detail Larsen Streetscape PS is a polymer modified cement based slurry. It is manufactured from a controlled blend of specially selected aggregates, cements, and synthetic polymers and only requires the addition of water to produce a high quality priming slurry for use to improve bond strengths of natural stone setts and cobbles, flags, concrete and clay pavers.
Packaging Multilayer paper bag
Material Type Cementitious coloured powder with polymers
Country Of Origin UK
Application Internal/External
Application Method Brush
Weight 25kg
Application Surface Temperature 5 - 30˚C
Coverage 19m2 per bag
Curing Time 4 hours @ 20˚C
Storage & Shelf Life Store in sealed containers in dry conditions, protected from extremes of temperature. The product has a shelf life 6 months in unopened manufacturer's packaging.
PPE Requirements Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.
Recommended For Porcelain & Natural Stone
Working Time 40 Minutes @ 20˚C
Bed Thickness 1 - 2mm
Equipment Required Buckets, paddle mixer, water, sponges, hand brush
Pointing Preparation All substrates must be suitable to receive the bedding as per current good working practices. All substrates for bonded constructions should be clean and thoroughly sound and free from oils, grease, dust, loose particles or any other contaminants which may interfere with adhesion. They should be pre-soaked but free from standing water.
Mixing Add approx. 6.5 L of water per 25kg bag to achieve the desired workability. Mix with a suitable mechanical mixer for a minimum of 3 minutes. Please note Streetscape PS is designed to be used at a semi-fluid consistency at the above water ratios. If more water is added, the hardened properties of the product will be reduced. Do not try to remix or wet-up PS which has 'gone off'.
Application Process Streetscape PS can be applied by stiff brush at a thickness of 1-2mm. When priming paving slabs, this should take place immediately prior to their placement on the bedding layer. Refer to the product guide for further information.
Cleaning Tools Wash all tools frequently to avoid material bonding to them
Cleaning During Application Always keep a clean sponge and water available for wiping off any excess or spillages from paving
Please see our FAQs for more information.

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