Stainless Steel Slot Drains

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Stainless Steel Drainage Channel

£80 + VAT Ea
The LS Stainless-Steel Slot Drain is produced exclusively for London Stone from our own optimum design. Built to be attractive and discreet in appearance; the slot drain is only visible as a double line of stainless-steel once fitted. This sleek appearance means that the slot drain will effortlessly blend with any of our Verified Porcelain Paving or Natural Stone Paving. This unique slot drain is also extremely long-lasting and resistant to rust for long lasting quality. The LS Stainless-Steel Slot Drain sits atop a poly concrete channel drain base. The Slot Drain is available in two length options: 1000mm or 850mm, for use with the Stainless-Steel Inspection Unit. The LS Stainless-Steel Inspection Unit has also been designed exclusively for London Stone to work with ease alongside the LS Stainless-Steel Slot Drain. Made from stainless-steel for a sleek appearance that complements the slot drain. The inspection unit allows quick and easy inspection and access, to easily remove any build up of debris. The Stainless-Steel Slot Drain Cleaner has been cleverly designed especially for London Stone to work with our other products to be easily inserted into the LS Stainless-Steel Slot Drain to push dirt and debris along the drainage channel, where is can be easily removed via the LS Stainless-Steel Inspection Unit.