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DesignBoard - easy to clean, highly scratch and fade resistant, and algae proof - is a robust, low-maintenance alternative to timber decking that does not crack, splinter or peel, and its chlorine-resistance makes it a good choice for swimming pool areas. Supplied in nine popular colours chosen to complement traditional and contemporary settings, and guaranteed for ten years, boards come in a variety of wood-grain patterns, giving them a natural look enhanced by slight variations in colour and finish. Matching fascia boards and pencil round boards are also available.

DesignBoard Composite Decking Boards

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DesignBoard's invisible clipping system ensures consistent gapping along its long edges. Its 100% recyclable, non-slip composite material may be cut with conventional tools and incorporates PVC which, with a higher density and weather resistance than composites using polyethylene or polypropylene, ensures resistance to impact and scratching. You rarely need specialised cleaning products to clean DesignBoard. In most cases water and a brush will suffice.