DesignBoard Ancillaries

For a smooth installation and a professional finish

From £8 + VAT Ea

DesignBoard requires minimal ancillaries to fix into place. Specially designed clips grip the boards, keeping them firmly in place. Carefully manufactured to hold boards 4mm apart, they ensure a consistent gap between boards, so saving time in installation, and the DesignBoard Ancillaries have been designed to create an invisible fixing system, giving your outdoor space a smooth, professional finish. Also available, in bags of 200, are DesignBoard screws, one required per clip, to affix to a timber sub-frame.

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DesignBoard Ancillaries ensure that your DesignBoard installation remains looking its best for a long time to come. Holding boards in a robust grip, they fix your boards strongly to the sub-frame, giving peace of mind that your deck will remain firm and in pristine condition, whatever the weather throws at it. DesignBoard expands along its length by 1mm per meter in temperatures over 30 degrees Centigrade, and DesignBoard Ancillaries allows for this expansion along their length, should the weather be extremely hot.