RUBI DX-250 PLUS Electric Bridge Saw

RUBI DX-250 PLUS Electric Bridge Saw

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Operating a RUBI DX-250 PLUS Electric Bridge Saw is similar to operating other types of stone cutting saw. The following is a brief guide on how to use a bridge saw. Firstly, be sure to check for health and safety risks. Inspecting equipment such as belts, cords or bolts and wearing a respirator mask if required. Next, fill any incorporated water tank and check that the pump is working. Alternatively, if the saw has a water hook-up then attach this to a hose and water source. Once the bridge saw is set up, measure, and mark the tiles where they require cutting. Then place the tile on the cutting table, aligning the marked line with the blade and clamp down firmly. Next, turn on the water pump and power up the electric bridge saw. Slowly push the cutting head along the bridge, allowing the blade to contact the tile. Apply even and gentle pressure until the blade passes all the way through the tile.

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