Our off-the-shelf Riven Coping Stones are a value-for-money addition to our range of popular, ethically sourced Indian Sandstones. Straight, corner and end Coping Stones are available in Raj Green, Kandla Grey, Mint and Autumn Brown Indian Sandstones, and also in Blue Black Slate. The Indian Sandstone options have a rock-faced edge to complement the riven surface of the stone, whilst the Blue Black Slate Copings have a smart pencil rounded edge. Matching Paving, Steps and Edging Stones are also available, allowing you to create a completely unified garden scheme.
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Autumn Brown Sandstone Coping Stones
Autumn Brown Copings
Kandla Grey Sandstone Coping Stones
Kandla Grey Copings
Mint Sandstone Coping Stones
Mint Copings
Raj Green Sandstone Coping Stones
Raj Green Copings
Blue Black Slate Coping Stone
Slate Coping Stone
Camel Dust Sandstone Coping Stones
Camel Dust Copings
The sandstone’s rock-faced edges create a rugged feel that complements the natural character of its riven surface, while for Blue Black Slate we’ve chosen simple pencil-round edges that highlight its rich colour. Our range off-the-shelf Paving, Steps and Edging Stones allow you to blend all the hard elements of your garden design seamlessly, and you can also make use of our team of skilled and dedicated stonemasons, based at our state-of-the-art Bespoke Stone Centre, who are able to create bespoke elements to suit your individual needs.