Sawn Coping Stones are the finishing touch to any wall and can range in size and style to suit the wall on which they will sit. Coping stones will be square cut with drip grooves on the underside and pencil round profile on the top edges. Drip grooves will cause any rain water to drip to the floor, instead of running along the underside of the coping stones and down the face of the wall. Pencil round edges will prevent corners chipping. London Stone also produce pool copings and can produce bespoke copings in curves or with intricate details to your designs.
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Beige Sawn Sandstone Coping
Beige Copings
Harvest Sawn Sandstone Coping
Harvest Copings
Buff Sawn Sandstone Coping
Buff Copings
Contemporary Grey Sawn Sandstone Coping
Grey Copings
Blue Grey Granite Coping
Blue Granite Copings
Silver Grey Granite Coping
Silver Granite Copings
Heath Sawn Sandstone Coping Stones
Heath Coping
Black Granite Coping Stones
Black Granite Coping
Grey York Copings
Grey York Copings
Britannia Buff Yorkstone Copings
Buff York Copings
Jura Beige Limestone Coping Stones
Jura Beige Copings
Jura Grey Limestone Coping Stones
Jura Grey Coping
London Stone supply Coping Stones to match our complete range of Sawn Paving, including sandstone, granite, travertine and limestone. We also offer matching Step Treads and Edging Stones, helping you to create an outside space that flows seamlessly between the different elements of hard landscaping where there are changes in levels or paths and flowerbeds to edge. All these items are available off-the-shelf for a quick and easy delivery to site. You can also take advantage of our skilled stonemasons who can create bespoke elements to suit your unique design requirements.