Updating Natural Stone Paving Display

London Stone are currently updating their paving display at Vermeulens Garden Centre.  Our current display houses over 30 different natural stone paving products.  Over the winter we have added 3 new products to our paving range and have subsequently had to re-design our display to make room for the new products.  The new products we have introduced in 2012 are Crema Sandstone, Tumbled Black Sandstone, Tumbled Grey Sandstone and Black Basalt.  The introduction of the 2 new tumbled products increases our tumbled range from two to four products.  Tumbled Paving is generally used for traditional garden designs and is a low maintenance, durable paving option.  The Crema Sandstone is a consistent light coloured sandstone.  Crema is really hard and features sawn edges with a lightly rivened surface.  All the new products are now on display along with our market leading range of Sawn Paving.

By London Stone Blog | Published 20th April 2012
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