Delivering Natural Stone Paving

Delivering natural stone paving is hard, heavy work for lorries.  2011 has been a tough year for London Stone because of ongoing maintenance issues with our vehicle fleet.  Due to the heavy nature of delivering natural stone paving our lorries have required regular maintenance and repairs.  This has resulted in lots of down time for our vehicles and has had a big impact on our ability to deliver our natural stone products to our customers.  We have taken a big step towards resolving this problem by purchasing 2 brand new 32.00T delivery trucks.  The new vehicles have four axles and are much more capable of standing up to the rigors of delivering heavy goods in the urban environment.  The weight of our stone crates can vary enormously depending upon their contents.  For example a crate of sawn Granite Paving is significantly heavier than a crate of natural Sandstone Paving.  Some of the crates of stone we deliver can weigh well over a ton and when you have 15 of these on the back of a lorry it can have a significant impact on the vehicle.  The new trucks are capable of carrying 18 - 20 ton payloads and both trucks are fitted with brand new Atlas rear mounted cranes which can lift 1.6 tons at a full extension of 7.2 metres.  This means that even heavy material like Slate Paving & Granite Paving can even be lifted to a full extension.  Some of the pallets of Yorkstone Paving we lift are also up to a weight of 1.5 tons, so the new trucks are going to allow us to lift these heavy loads safely and at good distance.

By London Stone Blog | Published 1st December 2011
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