Safeguard the good looks of your natural stone paving with our On Site Stone Sealing service. Our skilled technicians use market-leading sealants from Dry-Treat. Their formulae penetrate deeply, forming a permanent bond with particles in the stone, while allowing moisture to evaporate. This protects the stone from stains, efflorescence and water absorption, also inhibiting moss and mould growth. Our On Site Stone Sealing, using Dry-Treat Stain-Proof or colour-enhancing Dry-Treat Intensifia, carries the reassurance of up to fifteen years' guarantee.
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On Site Paving Stone Sealing
Paving Stone Sealing
On Site Bespoke Stone Sealing
Bespoke Stone Sealing
Pre Sealing
Pre Sealing
On Site Stone Sealing is ideal for patios, terraces, paths and driveways, while steps, coping stones, pool surrounds, pier caps and feature walls require our Bespoke Stone Sealing. Both are suitable for application to all natural stone. Sometimes cleaning is required before our On Site Stone Sealing and our specialists will be happy to visit your site and advise. Where possible, we recommend our in-house pre-sealing service, which brings our natural stone to your site already treated, ensuring that hold-ups due to inclement weather are minimised and your materials are protected during installation.