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London Stone’s Business Development Managers – Another Helping Hand

What’s the most neglected part of any landscaping job? Be honest.

Mandy Steed Lifestyle

You know, that bit you don’t exactly struggle with, but which gets pushed to one side because you love the actual physical construction and want to finish a project now, not spend time on “virtual” tasks. Tasks like checking-up on orders, or scheduling deliveries, or making sure non-standard materials will be there exactly when you need them.

If this sounds familiar, we’d like to introduce you to one of our Business Development Managers: Mandy Steed, who joined us last year, bringing with her, twenty years’ experience in construction, including work with landscaper contractors in the domestic and commercial arenas.

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Jamie Butterworth Blog – London Stone Host Inaugural Landscaper Development Day At Majestic Trees

A large part of my new (when do I stop referring to it as ‘new’?) role working for London Stone is uniting our industry, bringing together soft and hard landscaping closer together, unifying what we all do and upskilling ourselves in the process. The two sides go hand in hand; as every garden undoubtedly has elements of both.


On Friday 9th March, we held our inaugural, Landscaper Development day at Majestic Trees, the first of 8 days we will be running throughout 2018, each day specifically tailored towards a certain aspect of horticulture and soft landscaping, giving landscapers and designers alike the opportunity to develop their skills base in order to create and build better gardens.

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DesignBoard Creates A Seamless Indoor/Outdoor Space

It’s good to have more than one solution up your sleeve when clients present a challenge, and that’s what DesignBoard, the latest addition to our range of landscaping materials, offered when Garden House Design were asked to create an outdoor dining area over an existing patio.

Luna Designboard with Camargue 1

“We needed a flat, level surface, and a quick proposition,” explains Creative Director, Debs Winrow. The project involved the installation of a Renson Camargue Louvred Roof Terrace cover. This stylish canopy helps to create a seamless indoor/outdoor space. “It needed something of a wow factor,” she adds. The existing patio would have demanded a change of level from the house, had too much of a fall on it to accommodate the structure as it was, and really wouldn’t have suited the new contemporary-look.

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Porcelain Paving Makes A Habit(at) Of Great Landscaping

“The end client is thrilled with the result.” This is the reaction that Craig Nester of Habitat Landscapes received after completing this project in Urban Grey Porcelain, and could you ask for a better one?

Habitat Landscapes Urban Grey Porcelain One  (71)

After talking through the options, this Bedfordshire client chose Porcelain because colour consistency was a priority for them. This is highly valued by people who have a contemporary look in mind, and Porcelain is a particularly satisfying solution as, with its very low-porosity, it looks virtually identical wet or dry.

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DesignClad – Not Just For Walls

Just over a year-on since we introduced DesignClad, the porcelain alternative to render, we’re delighted by the imaginative use it’s being put to.

Neil Sutcliffe, of Creative Roots, is a big fan. He’s already used it in a number of projects, with others currently lined-up. “It’s a creative, very versatile material,” he says. “For anything that would be potentially rendered or clad with paving in the past, DesignClad is better.”
image6 Designclad Creative Roots

Image courtesy of Neil Sutcliffe, Creative Roots

So, while Neil certainly uses DesignClad in place of a more traditional rendered wall, he’s found it great to use in other places too.

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