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New hard paving options from London Stone

A new season: new possibilities, improving weather, new choices. Which is pretty much what our latest paving options give you (OK, not the weather, but we’re working on that) in slate, sandstone and Yorkstone.


Among our three new sandstones is Camel Dust.  Hand-cut and riven for a more traditional look, it extends our colour range with lighter sandy tones and is an economical choice with it a project-pack mix of four sizes for relaxed paving patterns.

Meanwhile, Desert Sandstone and Golden Sandstone are sawn six sides for a luxury finish and sandblasted and brushed to bring out the distinctive colours and markings, as well as offer the reassurance of good slip-resistance. Their hard-wearing qualities make them easier to clean and widens your choice for overhung, damper areas.

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A starring role – Paul Newman puts Beola Bianca Porcelain in the spotlight

It’s not every day a TV company asks if you have a project suitable for their TV series, but this is exactly what happened to Paul Newman of Paul Newman Landscapes, based in Welwyn Garden City.

Beola Bianca Porcelain - Paul Newman Landscapes - rum shack

Beola Bianca Porcelain Paving and Steps. The rum shack was partly made out of the pallets in which materials had been delivered. Picture courtesy of Paul Newman Landscapes

“TwoFour, a production company, were making a new home renovation series for ITV called Home Game,” says Paul. “We feature in episode five.”

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How the London Stone Welcome Pack helps sell your garden design

It all started in 2011 – a simple idea for making life easier for designers and landscapers. Why not, we thought, provide a sample box of all our stone products?


When we chatted to Jane Shankster of Arthur Road Landscapes, Wimbledon, at Futurescape this year, she told us:

“It’s very useful for taking to clients. It’s heavy, but I keep it in the van. Clients like to be able to see and touch and compare stones side by side.”

Which, of course, is exactly why we created it.

About to enter its seventh year, the sample box has grown a lot since the early days and now forms part of our new Welcome Pack. Free to everyone who joins our Landscape Specialist Scheme, the pack includes the sample box of all our Natural Stone and Porcelain, plus samples of all our Millboard composite decking and Ardex pointing.

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DOFF – the kindest way to clean stone paving

What would be the problem you’d most expect if a film company moved into your house? Damaged wallpaper, marked carpets? Probably not dirty stone steps. But that’s exactly what Frances Miller found after her house was used for filming.



“They made a lot of mess on the steps, with marks from their black rubber soles,” she says. “They tried to get it off, and then they got in touch with London Stone.”


Black marks aren’t the most usual stone-cleaning problem we encounter. More often its oil stains and spills from barbeques, and rust marks from wooden furniture and decking. The most common reason for calling us in is algae, which gives a green haze to stone where no regular cleaning programme has been in place.

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DesignClad – a render alternative with enormous design potential

Since its launch at the end of last year, DesignClad has provoked lots of questions. We had designers besieging us at the SGD Conference—not only asking questions but making suggestions for its use—which is thrilling, because it shows how this new material really gets the creative juices flowing.




DesignClad—if you don’t yet know—is an extremely hard-wearing, scratch-resistant, colour-fast and non-porous material that offers a real alternative to render. Easy to wipe clean, the light (1m2 weighs only 7.1kg), Porcelain-hard material comes in 3mm thick panels, requiring only external tile adhesive to fix it to surfaces.

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