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RHS Chelsea 2017 – paved for Gold

Designs on paper are fascinating, but you really can’t beat seeing them made real, can you?  Which is why we get so excited in Chelsea week. And this year, with seven gardens and stands to supply, we’ve had plenty to get excited about.


Designers Gavin McWilliam and Andrew Wilson really put us through our paces for Breaking Ground, using 10mm Steel Dark DesignClad engraved with script for the backdrop to heathland inspired planting.

“It’s been a very interesting process,” says Gavin McWilliam. “We did extensive testing with Piotr [London Stone’s Design Project Manager], Craig [our Garden Design Director] and Gavin [Production Director], testing different routing bits for the engraving. We wanted 2mm bits, but they kept snapping; London Stone wanted 5mm and we settled at 4mm.” This, we discovered in collaboration with Gavin and Andrew, gave the handwriting enough character, while remaining a practical solution to the task.

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Where to see DesignClad at RHS Chelsea 2017

One of the first things to hit the news this year about RHS Chelsea was the small number of Show Gardens – eight in total – so we’re particularly proud to be featuring in one of them—Breaking Ground—and with our latest material, Designclad.

Breaking Ground by Andrew Wilson & Gavin McWilliam

Copyright: Andrew Wilson & Gavin McWilliam Credit: Andrew Wilson & Gavin McWilliam


In fact, you might think that things had been a little quieter, preparation-wise, this year, given the smaller number of gardens. Not at all! With seven different gardens and trade stands to provide for, the CNC machine’s been red hot, as has the coffee machine (not that we’ve had much time to drink any).  Here’s what to look out for at the show next week.

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Talk to the Experts – come to our Porcelain Training Day 2nd June

We always love getting together with contractors. There’s a real buzz that you only get when people who understand what they do and want to know more get together. Which means that we’re really looking forward to next month’s Training Day on Porcelain.


In case you haven’t noticed, we run training and open days pretty regularly. At the beginning of last month, we had our biggest attendance yet at a day spent exploring the potential of our new DesignClad wall cladding.

Craig Potter, our Garden Design Consultant & Director, says, “We try to make the days as informative as possible. A lot of our clients are knowledge-thirsty and there are lots of questions. It’s good fun, and we always take them for a drink or bite to eat after.”

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Free training with the London Stone Landscape Specialist Scheme

Plenty of useful information that gets you up and running in a day. Sounds good?

44 Manor Road

As part of our Landscape Specialist Scheme, we offer free training days, both on the site where you’re working and at our depot near Heathrow. It’s something we initiated immediately we realised how much the extra confidence they give is appreciated.

Onsite training means that, not only do you get the benefit of expert advice and demonstrations of the best way to use GftK pointing and Dry-Treat sealing products, but you learn at the same time as completing a job—so no wasted time, plus the reassurance that you’ll be using the products exactly as intended the first time you try them out.

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What has DesignClad to offer the innovative designer?

New materials bring new ways of thinking. The moment we saw DesignClad, it got our creative juices going. What’s been lovely is we’ve found, talking to visitors to our showrooms as well to the stands we’ve had at BALI, APL and SGD events, that it’s got yours going too.



The big question is, What would you like to do with it?

Let’s give you a rundown of its properties. First, it’s extremely hard, made from the same 100% natural raw materials as Porcelain, all of which register 7-8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness—and, as that classifies minerals from 1 to 10, it means the materials in DesignClad are all as hard or harder than quartz.

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