Carbonised Composite Decking is inspired by the ancient Japanese technique of Shou Sugi Ban, a process in which the surface of timber is burned, brushed and oiled to protect against fire, insects and rot. At the same time, it exposes the wood's innate beauty. Millboard's Carbonised range encompasses its spirit completely. Available in a choice of textures and colours—smooth, smoky Charred, and the more deeply weathered Embered.With its unique resin composition,Carbonised Composite Decking offers complete peace-of-mind with its low-maintenance, highly slip-resistant qualities.
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Millboard Charred Composite Decking
Millboard Embered Composite Decking
Carbonised Composite Decking extends design options with its two distinctive finishes. An ideal element in minimalist contemporary spaces, it also blends well with traditional schemes. Mix and match the two styles to create contrast in texture and finish. Carbonised Composite Decking, also available in matching fascia boards and edging, offers a seamless solution to multi-level areas. With its charcoal colouring making a calm backdrop and Millboard's rot-proof composition, it's the ideal material to edge ponds and water features, offering the character of timber but lasting so much longer.