Yorkstone paving is one of the best-loved on the market. It’s also one of the most versatile. In buff and grey colours, our sawn Yorkstone blends beautifully with traditional and contemporary settings. Ideal for paving, step treads, risers, coping stones and pier caps, Yorkstone adds an air of dignity and timelessness to entrances, patios, paths and driveways. Its mellow tones make it easy to see why sawn Yorkstone paving is so desirable. Our in-house stonemasons are skilled at revealing the beauty within the stone and will produce individually crafted stonework and paving slabs to your exact specifications.
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Darleymoor Buff Yorkstone Paving
Darleymoor Yorkstone
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Grey Yorkstone Paving
Hard Buff Yorkstone
Hard Buff York
Reclaimed Yorkstone Paving
Reclaimed Yorkstone
New Riven Yorkstone Paving
New Riven Yorkstone
Grey Yorkstone Setts
Grey Yorkstone Setts
Darleymoor Buff Yorkstone Setts
Buff Yorkstone Setts
Hard Buff Yorkstone Setts
Hard Buff Setts
Reclaimed Yorkstone is always sought after for its weathered appearance, and often chosen to match existing materials. As well as offering it with hand-cut edges, London Stone will calibrate Reclaimed Yorkstone to 50mm, for easy laying and reduced labour costs. A dense sandstone quarried in Yorkshire, Yorkstone has been used for centuries in our cities and has long proved its suitability to the British climate. Not only available in riven or sawn slabs, it’s also available in buff or grey setts which are ideal for a hard-wearing driveway or high-traffic area. Setts combine well with slabs to create a bespoke paving pattern.