Porcelain Coping Stones are designed to provide the finishing touches to brick walls, piers and masonry. As well as improving the aesthetic of the wall, Coping Stones also provide a practical function which is to prevent water ingress into the brickwork. The Porcelain Coping Stones are supplied in standard sizes but, as ever, there is also the option to take advantage of our fully equipped Bespoke Stone Centre if you need a coping made to measure. All our Coping Stones are available in matching Paving and Step Treads, meaning the London Stone Porcelain range is the industry's most comprehensive.
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Sandy White Porcelain Coping Stones
Sandy White Coping
Warm Beige Porcelain Coping Stones
Warm Beige Coping
Beola Bianca Porcelain Coping Stones
Beola Bianca Coping
Slab Khaki Porcelain Coping Stones
Slab Khaki Coping
Slab Coke Porcelain Coping Stones
Slab Coke Coping
Urban Grey Porcelain Coping Stones
Urban Grey Coping
Cinder Porcelain Coping Stones
Cinder Coping Stones
Golden Stone Porcelain Coping Stones
Golden Stone Coping
Rovere Porcelain Coping Stones
Rovere Coping
Silver Grey Porcelain Coping Stones
Silver Grey Coping
Trendy Black Porcelain Coping Stone
Trendy Black Coping
London Stone's Porcelain Paving, Step Treads and Coping Stones are available in 28 different colours, including a range of surface textures, finishes, sizes and specifications to suit all tastes and budgets. Porcelain Coping is supplied as straight, end or corner units offering the complete solution. We also supply our Porcelain Coping in 40mm thickness with a chamfered edge profile or 20mm thickness with a pencil rounded edge profile. All Porcelain Coping is made to exacting standards at our West London Bespoke Stone Centre.