Videos: London Stone Webinars

With the web full of different opinions on landscaping methods, London Stone’s Landscaping Webinars are here to clear the fog. Our webinars focus on showing best practice with the materials we supply and to help you get the very best results on your builds.Take time out to watch these How to Guide videos to skill up and give your clients a quality finish they’ll recommend to their friends and family.
There’s always a section at the end that answers attendees’ questions, so don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events, so you have the chance to ask questions too.

  • Sealing

    To seal or not to seal; when to seal; how to seal. These are questions we often get asked by contractors at London Stone. In this webinar we cover all you need to know about sealing natural stone, porcelain and clay pavers, as well as the best products and how to use them.