Videos: Chelmer Valley Webinars

Welcome to our Clay Paving Webinars, dedicated to our Chelmer Valley products. Clay paving is increasingly popular. Handled and installed correctly, it adds far more to its surroundings in terms of looks, colour, and longevity than its rival, concrete block paving.
We’ll be gradually adding more How To Guide videos to this page, with the aim of showing how to get the most out of this time-proven material, so you can impress your clients with quality installations built to last. Webinars allow you to ask your own specific questions, so don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media for announcements of upcoming events.

  • An Introduction
    to Chelmer Valley

    Welcome to Chelmer Valley! In this webinar we introduce you to the world of clay pavers—how they’re made, their environmental benefits, their history and, most importantly, what you can do with them and how. By the end of the webinar, you’ll be planning clay pavers into your next build, no doubt about it!

  • SuDS & Driveways

    Sustainable Drainage Systems and Driveways can be a headache, especially in awkward locations. In this webinar, Chelmer Valley’s General Manager Antony Pasquini and Technical Manager Mike Jepps talk you through the technical considerations of SuDS in detail, and answer questions put by viewers.