A Stone Circle makes a beautiful paving feature. Its strong shape draws the eye, useful if you want to focus attention in one spot, or draw the eye to a more distant part of the garden. It works well to create a stand-alone seating area, or incorporated into a paving design to add interest or differentiate a particular section. London Stone supplies Stone Circles in a range of colours and sizes. Off-the-shelf, they are available in four different sandstone colours, to complement our Indian sandstone paving range. We also offer a bespoke service on the circles, meaning you can get one made that fits anywhere!
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Sandstone Circles
Sandstone Circles
Bespoke Sawn Stone Circles
Bespoke Sawn Circles
Bespoke Riven Stone Circle
Bespoke Riven Circle
A bespoke sawn stone circle opens up a world of choice from our paving range of sandstone, granite, limestone and Yorkstone. Sawn by our experienced in-house stonemasons, your circle could be made of contrasting stone, over-sized slabs, or a mix of setts and paving slabs. It could be solid-centred or incorporate a circular bed, sunken seating area or fire-pit. As well as creating bespoke circles from our sawn paving, we’re also able to supply bespoke stone circles in any of our riven sandstone, extending your choice even further. Our experienced sales advisors can help you make the right choice of garden paving.