Mid Grey Fuga Pave Grout

Mid Grey Fuga Pave Grout

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Fuga Pave Part C mid Grey Grout features the latest in cement hybrid technology for a water repellent, smooth joint. The cement hybrid technology of Mid Grey Fuga Pave Grout provides a superior finish when grouting which will significantly enhance the look and performance of exterior paving materials. Part C is part of the Fuga Pave ABC external fixing system, which has been developed in Italy, specifically for application in for the external paving and landscaping industry.
Product Type Pointing
Packaging Multilayer paper bag
Material Type Cementitious coloured powder
Country Of Origin UK
Application Internal/External
Application Method Tile Float
Weight 20kg
Application Surface Temperature 5 - 30˚C
Coverage Refer to product calculator
Curing Time 24 hours @ 20˚C
Storage & Shelf Life Store in dry interior conditions away from direct sunlight between 5°C and 30°C. The product has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture.
PPE Requirements Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear latex gloves and protective clothing during application.
Recommended For Porcelain, Sawn Limestone, Brazilian Slate, DesignClad
Working Time 50 minutes @ 20˚C
Equipment Required Buckets, paddle mixer, water, tile float, sponges, trowel, pointing tool
Joint Width 2-20mm
Pointing Preparation It is recommended to wait at least 7-14 days before pointing. It can help to dampen natural paving before grouting to help reduce the risk of picture framing. Prior to grouting the open grout joints clean, dry and free of residues. Porous or textured tiles/slabs may require sealing before grouting with a suitable impregnating sealer. If in doubt trial an inconspicuous area to check for staining and correct colour before commencing.
Mixing Prepare Fuga-Pave Flex CH in a clean container, first of all pouring in 3.37l of water (approximately 3⁄4 of the amount required). Gradually add Fuga-Pave Flex CH to the container, mixing the paste from the bottom upwards with a low-rev (≈ 400/min) helicoidal agitator. Add more of the remaining 1.13l of water until the desired consistency is obtained. The mixture must be of smooth consistency and without any lumps. For best results, and to mix larger quantities of the grout, a stirring device with vertical blades and slow rotation is recommended. Specific polymers with high-dispersion properties ensure that Fuga-Pave Flex CH is immediately ready for use. Mix a quantity to be used within 60 min. at +23 °C 50% R.H. The amount of water to be added, indicated on the packaging, is an approximate guide and will vary depending on the different colours. It is possible to obtain mixtures withconsistency of variable thixotropy according to the application to be made. Adding extra water does not improve the workability and the cleanability of the grout and may cause shrinkage in the plastic phase of drying and result in less effective final performance. Prepare all mixtures required to complete the process using the same amount of waterin order to avoid any variations in grout shade.
Application Process Fuga-Pave must be applied evenly on the tile covering with a spreader or hard rubber float. Grout material has to be completely filled between entire joint areas, the application has to be done diagonally with respect to the joints.
Cleaning Tools Wash all tools frequently to avoid material bonding to them
Cleaning During Application Begin cleaning the tiles when the grout is touch dry into the joint. On completion, clean up the surface using a thick, large-sized sponge damped in clean water to avoid removing grout from the joints. Make sure clean water is used at all times, using appropriate trays with grills and cleaning rollers for the sponge. Use circular movements to emulsify the film of hardened grout on the tiles. Finish cleaning up by dragging the sponge diagonally across the tiles while applying water evenly over the tiles in order to prevent any shade variations. Residual traces of grout can be removed from tools with water before the product has hardened.


Can withstand a light jet wash, be careful not to get too close which could damaged the joint

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