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The Norcros adhesives supplied by London Stone have been chosen to meet all the requirements when laying our Porcelain and Natural Stone paving and wall tiling, whether your project is indoors or out, domestic or commercial. Excellent workability and slump resistance come as standard. Norcros Thick Bed Adhesives are ideal for use when laying paving or flooring – as the name suggests – where a thicker bedding layer is required, and are available in white and grey colour-options if it is being used with lighter-coloured natural stone or porcelain. Norcros One Part Adhesive can be considered a ‘standard’ use adhesive for when fixing products such as Stone Cladding and our DesignClad collections. Due to its faster set-time (foot-traffic can be applied after around three hours after application), Norcros Rapid adhesives are ideal for use in internal situations, especially when laying porcelain inside. Norcorss adhesives are designed for use between 5 & 25 degrees. Please speak with a Sales Advisor if you are planning on using these products outside of these parameters.