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Norcros Flexible Grout

From £11 + VAT Ea
Norcros Flexible Wide Joint Patio & Tile Grout is a value-for-money, cement-based grout that’s ideal for use with our range of Porcelain paving and tiles. This grout allows for a wide range of fixing possibilities. Use Norcros Flexible Grout for all types of paving, wall and floor tiles; including natural stone and porcelain. Norcros Flexible Grout is resistant to the passage of water so can also be used in fully immersed conditions such as swimming pools. Produce a quality finish with Norcros Flexible Patio & Tile Grout. With enhanced flexibility, it is available in a choice of eight colours and is suitable for a wide range of joint widths; from 2mm to 20mm. The grout is workable for approximately 2 hours and will with within approximately hours. For more information on our pointing and grouting products please contact a member of our sales team.