RUBI Plastic Sponge Float PlusPro

RUBI Plastic Sponge Float PlusPro

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Cleaning up the tiles to remove any excess grout is an important stage of the tiling process to ensure a professional finish. The best tips for an easy clean when patio grouting is to let the grout harden slightly before cleaning off the excess. Before cleaning, test the grout by pressing a finger on it. If it is hard enough to resist denting then the tile face is ready to be cleaned. Use a clean bucket of water and the RUBI Plastic Sponge Float PlusPro. Ensure the sponge is damp and begin from one side of the grouted area and drag the sponge in a continuous stroke, rotating the sponge to expose a clean corner and repeat the process. Rinse the sponge and continue the process across until the whole tiled area is clean.

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