Precision Diamond Blades are specified to professional standards for cutting the high-quality Natural Stone and Porcelain that you expect from London Stone. Our high-quality stainless steel blades come in 125mm, 250mm and 300mm diameters, with bore-hole sizes of 22.2mm and 20mm, to fit small and large grinders and petrol saws. With continuous rims to reduce the chance of chipping Porcelain, and segmented blades for speedy cutting of Natural Stone, our range of Precision Diamond Blades has been designed to combine good length of service with accuracy of finish, to ensure that you get precise, straight cuts, used wet or dry.
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Precision Blade for Porcelain
Porcelain Blade
Precision Blade for Natural Stone
Natural Stone Blades
Top-quality Natural Stone and Porcelain demand a top-quality finish, which is what you get with London Stone's Precision Diamond Blades. While we recommend that all cutting is best done wet, it's not always feasible and these diamond blades ensure you'll get the most accurate finish, whether you've set up the wet saw or are making a few quick cuts with a small grinder. Recommended for 6000-10,000 RPM, our blades slice quickly through even hard materials like Porcelain, Granite and Slate, providing an accurate, thin cut and the smooth finish that helps you give your installation the edge.