Living Wall Systems

An outdoor plant wall is a versatile addition to a garden, patio or balcony, giving you the chance to add a selection of plants where, otherwise, options would be limited. A living wall will often fit where hard landscaping prevents planting in the ground, or where a collection of pots would get in the way or create a hazard. Not every plant can be grown in every situation, but choosing appropriate plants—such as ferns and heucheras for north-facing walls, or lavenders and bergenias for very sunny positions—means that successful green walls can be inserted just about anywhere. An outdoor plant wall isn’t just for limited spaces; extend your vegetable garden growing options by using it as a slug-and snail-discouraging tower for salad leaves, or plant with strawberry plants or hanging-basket tomatoes for colourful fruit production. It’s important to choose a green walls system that makes watering and feeding easy and delivers moisture evenly throughout the planting.

Easy-care green walls for limited spaces and the delight of growing more plants

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